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Holly B., le 05/03/2016
The first time I came to see Mira I was stuck half way through tapering off anti-depressants (after using for 12 years). I was newly relocated to France for work, and I was also violently mugged shortly after arriving. Things were very bad and I had anxiety attacks that lasted for days. I had migraines for weeks on end and I couldn’t breathe properly. The chemicals is my brain was so scrambled from the lowered dose of anti-depressants that I couldn’t stop crying, and my physical withdrawal symptoms was so heavy that I had very bad flu symptoms and couldn’t sleep.
After my first session with Mira, my anxiety got a whole lot better, the pain became less and I even started to run on a treadmill.
After my second and third sessions I continued lowering my anti-depressants, while overcoming the challenges of relocation and a new job. I also started to feel more in control of my circumstances, and I was able to control my anxiety.
After my 4th session I still continued to taper off the antidepressants, and felt more in control of my life and my choices than ever before. From this point on, I was also able to stand up for myself at work and in general, and make choices that benefit me as apposed to taking what I am given.
Mira has given me tools to survive, to take care of myself and to empower myself during an incredibly difficult period. She has empowered me and guided me. I feel more anchored and present and less scared or wanting to hide. I now have peace about who I am, where I am, and what will will do. I am hopeful about future challenges and actually quite excited about my life ahead and what I will create.
The process I describe here has taken more or less 9 months, but it felt like 2 weeks. I am proud to have survived, but from now on I will do much more than just that.
Alexandra M., le 05/10/2015
La Kinésio pour moi c'est...la RÉVOLUTION!
Penser et agir positif.
Fin de la procrastination
Plaisir de faire, d'accomplir
Ne plus attendre tout des autres.
Je suis l'actrice de ma vie, et qui m'aime me suive (après, on peut toujours discuter, tout de même...;-))
Travaille sur les addictions, aussi.
Très positif, tout ça!
​05 Oct 2015
« Soyez le changement que vous voulez voir dans le monde. »