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Magnolia P.
Facilitatrice reconnaissance de soi--Relaxation--Sacred activations,Source healing,Dieu en soi,facilitatrice,
Magnolia P.

Bienvenue et merci pour votre visite et votre confiance!

Je suis ravi de pouvoir échanger avec vous et facilité pour vous la reconnaissance en soi/vous.

De mon point de vue,personne n'est meilleur qu'une autre, mais une chose est sûre ...

tout le monde est unique et par expérience je sais que je peux vous montrer vos qualités et votre force de l'Intérieur pour que vous puissiez-vous auto-guérir si besoin et vivre une vie qui réellement résonne avec votre cœur.

Vous débarrasser attachments destructives et défaire les nœuds et effacé les mémoires du corps de vos blessures du passé,qui vous empêchent d'avancer pour mieux vivre dans le présent.

Juste un petit rappel pour vous rappeler quel être magnifique vous êtes, sans exagérer tout simplement de cœur à cœur.

Vous voulez en savoir plus sur moi ?

Mon parcours est écrit en Anglais car j'ai pas mal travaillé avec des gens aux États-Unis , Angleterre aussi en Belgique et autres.
Je vous fais la traduction bientôt.
Merci pour votre compréhension et patience .


different experiences ,aspects and expressions are being a E.T.-I.D.-U.D.contactee a facilitator and creative all round artist that came back to this beautiful Earthplane to experience grow,explore,simply be and help facilitate with inner healing & upliftment of self, humanity,mother earth and more...

All from within.

She's part of the New Family - format!
Triggering and raising the human consciousness.

Resetting life trough her/our original source family work...

The let's say format is about...
Family and everything in existence.
Unconditional and undifferentiated love,protection,honor,integrity,justice,...

Simply expressed as...


Creating Beauty from the heart-space...

More aspects and expressions from her are

being an artist,singer,energy worker a facilitator and Loving full Source...
Was part of some of the programming and gives guidance...triggers inner healing and more for people who have had E.T.U.D.I.D...Experiences,been Abducted, MILAB, MK-Ultra,Targeted Individual, Monarch, Monauk,Phoenix Program ,Road Runner SP. and more...

From within her heart space she dances the dance of life on the song of the infinite.

To her enlightenment is a further journey.

A never ending one.

For her unconditional love is the Key!

Loving self to peace within and living from your heart looking at the world trough the eyes of unconditional love and joy.

Higher love activated now within are often her words...

Although she helped many people ,she's a normal,every day person and she doesn't see herself as better than anyone.

She says that she's on the journey of self exploration within and by healing one self she and we heal the world.

As a young child she went through a lot of trials and tribulations but she always stayed positive and with an open heart... all that with a knowing that she came here for a reason...

About her music...
When Magnolia was a little girl the only things that really made her happy were music and dancing. She started to make melodies when she was barely 2 years young. Her father was a formal Indigenous performer and well known Physiotherapist for Famous soccer/tennis players.
At the age of 5 she started Ballet and Modern Dance. After a few years she started to sing in a choir and participated a lot of auditions (VTM Soundmixshow, Star Academy (finals)),but the ballet-stuff was too classic for her so she got influenced by hip hop. She started street-rapping and street-dancing with Jobo & 5th Avenue Dance Crew. So she met people with the same interests.Very soon people started to know her because of her Energy-overflow.The contacts grew stronger and resulted in jobs for commercials(D&D Productions),video's (Hush,Rush, Little Milk (BB Jerome&the Bang Gang) ,Amen,Scorpio feat Zenna, gigs (Decadance)and now also Tamala (levillagetamala)..
She also did backing vocals. Because music and singing is really a part of her life she can't and won't stop it. Now that she is asked to sing for and with other groups she got a full agenda...In Belgium,France,U.S.,Spain..She played different roles in different movies 'The Last Inquisitors,White Skin black Soul,Awakening,...Back to her writings.The lyrics she writes always content pieces of her life and the world and are written straight from the Heart.
There's a lot to say about her,She is very spiritual ,beautiful but you know already the most important things...Creating more Divine Love is her Life and Unconditional Love is the (her) key...
Good luck Magnolia!

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