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Magnolia P.
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rubrique : Immortal God Being Consciousness/Conscience de Dieu
publié le 13 février 2018 - lecture 3 min 35

From an Original One's perspective...

There is more...always more...to explore...
What a ride...

"Humanity...God and God beings,Immortals..."

The Human Kingdom is devided into 3 massive levels,and within those levels there are sub-levels.

You have identity consciousness and when you experience a dialogue in your head that you cannot silence even if you wish,you are in identity consciousness.

When one goes into God consciousness there is a silence of that dialogue and you exit only when you have to relate,analyse or deduce.

When you go into the Ascended Master realm which is the summum or apecs of Humanness the dialogue is so silenced that you can go about your daily workings/occupations without having 1 thought.

Life is on autopilot(automatic living).

There is a stage beyond this one and that is one were you are no longer Human,because to be Human there are specific configurations of the fields around the body and also a particular cell structure and a specific number of DNA strands that are actif and awakened.

Those things change when you make the rather large transfiguration into a whole new lign of evolution...

"The God Kingdom"

For instance..
the configuration of the field that define a Human versus a God has various bodies around the physical body and they generally have a specific distance from one another.

In God consciousness you find that the emotional bodies transfigure and in Ascended Mastery you find that the mental bodies transfigure.

When you enter the God Kingdom the configuration of the field around the body is a very dense level of awareness-particles of the building blocks of life.

This enables a great deal of easier awareness,self and general perception to take place.

Also the love that pours forth from the heart is extraordinary,because parts of the building blocks of existence are particles called light and love which have little fields of combined light and love.

Those are very intense and in very dense numbers in the feeld of someone in the God Kingdom.

Life does change but if that God(God being)chooses to remain in the flesh(physical form)

rather than raise the frequency in their body to the level where they leave the view of Humanity if you will they leave this 3th Dimension as we think of it behind.

The instruction has come from the Mother and the Father that there must be balance...that Humanity is Archetype representing all Kingdom's.

Mother has therefore asked that those who transfigure into this grand stage remain in the flesh.

Are these beings among you?

The answer is... Yes they are!

They may be close to you while you don't even know it.

Many of them...are in the sacred orders of the Earth.

Most of the so called time,you will not know them when you see them,but you will know the effects of being in their presence.

They emit large streams of neutrinos through the heart and what that does, it brings instant healing by grace and an erasing of karma.

In other words you are blessed and some might say on Holy ground when being in their presence.

They maybe wearing the same clothes as you are but until refind light is properly visible to Man (Human)...
flesh and form hides a great deal.

All though they are millions of times more light than the average person you may not be able to see it.

Embrace your true heritage.
Have an amazing evening!

Undifferentiated love and harmonious incorruptible light infusions to you all...

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© Magnolia P.
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