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Magnolia P.
Facilitatrice connexion à la source-Langue de lumière-Relaxation-Artiste PolyvalenteGuérison source,Source healing,God, Dieu en soi,facilitatrice,relax

rubrique : Éveil / Awakening
publié le 13 février 2018 - lecture 2 min 56

We will be with you when you wake up.

Rapid change is knocking on your door.

Planet Earth needs for Humanity to start waking up from all the dreams.

A Conscious breakthrough is needed now.

Activations are on the way to support this.

Be ready to go to the next level within.

Harmonious light and love.

Felt like sharing this here since some people asked for help.

Letting go of your lower Human self aspects and tune into a whole different harmonious reality...

What do you choose?

Choosing your reality in every so called moment of your day so to speak.
If things happen in your physical reality than it's yours to deal with...(great opportunity)
Observe and notice how you feel within...in any situation.
When you do so..
You are being more conscious in and about every situation/experience and you will understand that the different things that are playing out are powerful opportunities for you to release,clear,heal,shift and hold space for more of yourself.
Also your physical body is able to hold more light.
From my observation it's best not to focus to much on the details of (for example) an unpleasant experience so that you will not get cut up in that story.
The lower Human self aspects get often stuck into the stories(experiences) and stay in the ego mind.
Not that it's wrong or right because there's
nothing to judge and everything to observe...
but...this way-->(looking at yourself,the situation,people so on and so forth from a higher perspective)is a powerful permission slip and tool to free yourself and tune into a reality that resonates more with the new you with ease and grace.
Choosing wisely the reality that you wish to experience becomes a natural thing to do.
No recycling needed of the old.
Let's be more playful again and step into our/your power and have fun while being responsible(ability to respond)

Enlightenment is a further journey...

Harmonious light and love to all of you and me within.


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