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Magnolia P.
Facilitator In the recognition of the truth of who you already are withINInnerbeingSacred activations,Source healing,Dieu en soi,facilitatrice,
Magnolia P.
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article de Magnolia P., publié le 6 avril 2021 1 min à lire 3

(Sharings from my perspectives, observations,insights and so one)

Christ Consciousness is key..
(Nothing to do with religion.)
Fully stepping into it will for sure transform your life
Seeds of the Universe and Child of the Original Source it is your Birthright to tap into that power you already carry within..
In truth you simply are the power,the Divine intervention in your life..
(And not because I say so)
In some it only needs to get activated trough acknowledgement
Say yes to the highest version of yourself ,
The embodiment of pure source
Let's activate it..now!

Healing the wounds of your Soul & Heart
to open the gates for the river of incorruptible light and miracles to flow..and fill your Soul with Christ light and dessolve,stories and wounds now.

Feel free to put the names of the ones in need of incorruptible light healing in the illusion..now.
it's free..

(From the eternal perspective all is perfect and doesn't need to be fixed)

Love Praise Gratitude
May you walk in grace and have an amazing everything.
(If that's what you want to create for yourself)

Choosing to rise above the old paradigms is key
ComINg home to the Eternal BeINg that I am/we/you are & bringing humanity home from within.

INfINite love,

Magnolia ~INnerbeINg
© Magnolia P.
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Mots clés : self, love, amour, pour, soie, amour, pour, la, vie
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