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Magnolia P.
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Magnolia P.



article de Magnolia P., publié le 9 juin 2021 2 min à lire 3
Hi beautiful beings,

(Authentic SharINgs and powerful self remINders from different perspectives and INsights)

everyone is going trough a huge transformation one might be consciously aware of it or not.
It's very normal to feel like wanting to plug out of the old life..but it doesn't mean that you need to plug out physically.
From my observation and perspective it's more like letting go of the old...and being reborn again into a whole new you..it's more because you are letting go that which you are not and more of the true you that you 'already' are within shines trough into your personallity life and from my experience the whole reality shifts.
Your vessel holds more light as your light quotient is increasing.
Feel free to re-connect with nature and thus with your own nature within.
Trust and believing in yourself is key.
There's so much going on, on a individual and collective level.
For relaxing water and bathing may help
Looking for tools and permission slips that make you laugh helps.
Like joyful video's,beautiful images or soothing music that is very uplifting,dance,sing,smile,walk even waterhen it's hard sometimes
Drinking lot's of purified or activated water helps to flush all toxins from the body
Fasting may help too
Be with people who empower you.
Simply take care and love yourself even more when you feel down.
Know that you are loved and that you are unique and a luminous powerful being of light and that you are here now for a reason.
You count!
Please choose for organic fand living foods and drink enough pure water.
Rest and relax while you can.
You can transform and create food with your own power remember your power already within.
I trust that you are well dear ones
You will get through this.
And as I often express..
What you are looking for is where you are looking from
Rememberance,strength,trust,joy, love and peace within.
Much love.
© Magnolia P.
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